Cleanout Only Option

You have selected the ‘cleanout only’ option. By purchasing this option, you understand the following:

  1.  This is a 1 time malware and backdoor removal on 1 website/web application ONLY.
  2. If you have multiple web applications running on your account, you must purchase 1 cleanout option for EACH web application you want cleaned under your hosting account, otherwise any other web application the service is NOT ordered for will be left infected.
  3. We will NOT be providing ANY security services (including but not limited to: installing patches, upgrades, monitoring systems, nor providing you with information or education on how you can secure your site).
  4. You understand that we are removing malware and any backdoors we locate, however if you do not secure your site, the malware may return within a few days.
  5. YOU have the knowledge and understanding to secure your site yourself, hence the lower price.
  6. Should your site get re-infected again, we will NOT be held responsible and you must pay to have the site cleaned again after the first 24 hours.
  7. Once we have notified you that your site is clean and google has removed the warning – you are on your own. PERIOD.

Yes, I agree & understand No, I have no idea what I’m doing, Help!