Website Malware Removal Service

Do you have malware on your website that needs removed?

If so, put our years of web security expertise to work for you. We can remove malware, badware, or code injections from your website, including the backdoors and we will get you back up and running in 24 hours or less – Guaranteed* We can fix any website including: wordpress, joomla, mediaWiki, OSCommerce, vBulletin, Drupal as well as custom coded sites and HTML, javascript, PHP.

Use a trusted source – we focus on JUST providing website malware removal, security and monitoring service. We offer professional, reliable; trusted service, without the hassles. Nothing can be more frustrating than getting your site hacked and hi-jacked costing you time, money and customers – don’t spend more money and time to find someone that can’t do the job right the first time.

Blacklisted by Google?

Nothing can be more frustrating. We can help get your website restored back to normal and re-indexed. We will work directly with Google to get your status updated ASAP.Our friendly experienced staff is ready and available to assist you NOW. Don’t let your site’s reputation get tarnished, let us get you cleared up IMMEDIATELY.

Why Hire us?

Trust our servicesSimple. We do one thing and we do it REALLY good, inexpensively and FAST. We take a “pro-active” approach by installing security controls to help PREVENT attacks instead of notifying you AFTER you’ve been infected.

We ONLY do website malware removal and security. We aren’t a web designer or SEO firm toting that we can remove malware; we aren’t the local computer repair guy that did one malware removal from his friends website, nor are we a programmer without any work looking to make a quick buck by doing malware cleanup or a company trying to sell you a plug-in to monitor your site while they do nothing and charge you an annual fee. We are a team of Cyber Security professionals and this is what we specialize in.  Our years of experience has given us the ability to create and use our own proprietary tools that will allow us to get your site back up and running in a fraction of the time it takes others.

24/7 monitoring is for a period of 1 year (365 days) – subject to our Terms of Service.

Once we secure your site, if your site gets reinfected at anytime during your 1 year period and it falls within our Terms of Service we will clean it again for FREE.

Not interested in a long term commitment? Can you handle security on your site yourself? For experts, we have a Malware Removal Only Option – a 1 time, malware removal. However YOU will be responsible for all site security after we have cleaned the site and if it gets reinfected, sorry – we won’t clean it again.

* Site/Apps: The price is based on each web application hosted on your hosting account. For example, you may have and on that site you have wordpress, oscommerce and HelpDesk. that would fall in the 3-5 site ‘Business’ plan. The multiple site plans are for sites all hosted on the same account. The multiple site plans can NOT be used for multiple hosting accounts.

***It usually takes Google anywhere from 24-48 hours to remove any malware warnings that they may be displaying, however your site is typically clean many hours before that. We do not deal with Bing or Yahoo, those are your responsibility to notify.